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We've always Been Learners...

So as we were approaching our graduation from Jewish day school, and beginning a chapter of our formal education which would be completely secular, we began searching for ways to continue to incorporate Jewish education in our everyday lives.

The two of us, along with a handful of our classmates, stumbled upon Daf Yomi, the daily learning system in which participants study a daf of Talmud everyday, completing the entire book in seven and a half years. While Daf Yomi allowed us to engage with our heritage and our faith on a daily basis, the Talmud was not read to engage people on a daf by daf basis. At the end of the day, it is a legal document, not a document meant to educate and inspire the masses. 

We realized this within a couple months of beginning the cycle, when almost everyone who we had started Daf Yomi with had fallen too far behind to continue. Studying a raw daf of Talmud, or any book in the Jewish liturgy, is not an effective way to get people to engage with Judaism on a daily basis.

So while we started with the question of how we could remain engaged, we ended up with questioning how a larger portion of Jews could be engaged with their religion on a daily basis. We immediately began designing and developing Lishmah.

We designed Lishmah to maximize engagement, accessibility, and retention. Unlike other daily learning systems, Lishmah lessons are designed for the sole purpose of being read on a daily basis. The Lishmah App and Website were also designed to help users get into the habit of studying everyday. Through Lishmah, we have been able to create a system in which the only barrier to a Jew’s religious engagement is an internet connection and the desire to be engaged.

We look forward to studying with you,

Elan and Lior

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